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    Martin Byrne

    Real Estate Professional


    Martin originally from Yorkshire, England loves Real Estate! He's won a bunch of awards..but the coolest award he ever got was when clients bought him his very own bobble head as a thank you!! Martin is married with one little girl (Isla) and loves spending time at Bowring Park with his family...he's trying his very best to make sure his daughter is a football fan (he's a Brit remember)...but rather disappointingly to him she's more into Ballet & Princesses. Before entering Real Estate Martin proudly served full time with the Royal Air Force for 12 years. He was known for his leadership skills, organizational ability, and dedication to the service. Prior to his time in the Armed Forces, Martin had a background in Business & Finance. He has always been a strong advocate of volunteering in the community and has spent a great deal of time coaching soccer and supporting many charitable organizations. Martin is a dedicated full time professional Realtor whose number one goal is to serve his clients to the very best of his ability. Call or Text Martin on 693-6463 Martin Byrne@NLHouses.com

    Marc Mahoney

    Mortgage Broker


    With over eighteen years in customer service and nine in the mortgage industry, Marc has focused on building business based on clients, not transactions. Everything starts with people. Currently serving as the Newfoundland & Labrador Director for the Mortgage Broker Association of Atlantic Canada, Marc has also been involved in regulatory advocacy and broker relations within the industry, to contribute to ensuring professional and positive business practices, to protect the public interest, always take centre stage.

    Andrew Osmond

    Real Estate Professional